We're Looking For an Office Manager

It’s been a season of change at Benifactor and a new opening has emerged for the right person to join the team and help take our crew to the next level. We’re in no rush to fill the role, simply looking for you!

About Us

Benifactor Capital exists to be a home for entrepreneurial leaders to co-create and manage great organizations. Eight years ago we launched Frontier Marketing Company, and since have launched several other great businesses. At our core is a group of outstanding General Managers that the ‘B team’ (the CEO, you and some advisors) finds and equips primarily through culture and capital. There’s about 20 of us, mostly marketers, mostly serving charities. We’re mostly a group of millennials, that like to help organizations that do good, be great. Our annual revenue from our five + companies is ~$3 Million (and you get to help oversee it).

About You

You are bright, enthusiastic and have a nice balance of personal accountability, flexibility, collaboration and humour. You are a self professed organization guru with an outstanding attention to detail. Anticipating needs is a prized skill of yours. You’re ready to help with any and all little things to keep our team running at their best.

The Gig

You’ll work directly with Benifactor’s CEO, Ben, to keep Benifactor and our companies running behind the scenes. You’ll also bring your own personality to the team to help our culture thrive.

Major Responsibilities You would’ve done recently

  • Answer slack messages, text messages, gmail, phone calls, and shouts from across the room.

  • Take ownership of the physical office’s appearance when it got to messy, turned on the Sonos, and contributed to culture with your presence.

  • Assist the CEO with his project of the month (order party supplies, research policies say).

  • Upon discovering the toilets were clogged, call the plumbers, find a mop and clean.

  • When one of our key employees brings her dog to work, give him a walk around the block.

  • Maintaining rental Google sheets, HR and how-to Google docs, to keep our process on point.

  • Assist in preparing for meetings with people like our Executive Coach.

  • Order office supplies, coffee, snacks, macarons, flowers, etc. to keep our culture kick ass.

  • Take pictures of meals expenses and send to our book keeper, forward invoices sent to us each month.

  • Light up our credit card paying contractors on-time.

  • Plan or coordinate team events and seasonal decorating to bring joy to our day to day.

  • Welcome the UPS guy, potential new hires, and random lady looking for CBC radio.

  • Read books on the Birkman and Enneagram to further psychoanalyze fellow employees.

  • Any other tasks as needed. You might as well be called Random Task (bonus: you get the reference).

Must Haves

You:  Don’t take no crap from nobody, self-starter, intuitive thinker, detail oriented and flexible.

More details

20-32 hours a week at $18-28/hour (ranging from “I’m new to this but this is a job I can crush” to “I’ll own this career”) with a flexible schedule. For more information, email ben@benifactor.com.