Helping organizations that do good, be great.

Our Mission

We’re here to help do-gooders.

It started in fall 2010 with just Ben, an iMac, and a single client. That client was and still is working hard to bring hope to Vancouver’s Eastside to overcome poverty, homelessness, and addiction. Ben’s role was to come alongside them and increase their capacity to serve others. Along the way, more organizations that help the poor and addicted came along needing similar help. Then organizations focused on international development, education, and health sought help from not just Ben but a growing workforce of helpers.

Then things really took a turn. We started helping them navigate watershed moments and our team went from being focused around serving a single need to multiple teams serving multiple needs. And Benifactor was born.

Benifactor now employs 25+ people. We help the organizations we love increase revenue, manage their expenses, hire their talent, and grow their leadership.

We’re here to help good organizations that do good, be great.


The “B” Team

Benjamin Johnson  Founder & CEO   Ben is an entrepreneur, Chief Scout, father.

Benjamin Johnson
Founder & CEO

Ben is an entrepreneur, Chief Scout, father.

As Founder & CEO, Ben oversees the leadership team, and connects with the outside world.  His areas of leadership focus are culture and capital.

About Ben:

Raised by entrepreneurial parents in the service industry, “Bakery” Ben’s first job was running the cash register and up-selling customers and in his teens helping his mum entertain guests in their home-based bed & breakfast.

Ben’s dad, a high-school drop out, inspired him to get an “edumacation” from a young age. He honoured that promise with a diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management, a Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurial Management, and later a Certified Management Accounting designation. 

His mum has always inspired him to serve others. What does a momma’s boy do with his summers? Work at camp helping kids experience unconditional love and the joy of play in nature. After finishing university he welcomed incoming students through orientation events and later as a guide for grants and financial aid.

At age 22 he and a friend he met at university, Heath Johns, founded Urbantastic, a website service dedicated to connecting skilled volunteers with organizations in need. You can read about it in a feature article in the Globe and Mail.

It didn’t take off and his best client, Union Gospel Mission, hired him to do their digital marketing and later advise on their whole marketing strategy.

Along the way Ben signed on for his favourite job, dad. That led him to moving back to the island to raise a family and accidentally started him down the entrepreneurial journey again.

In 2010, at the age of 24 Ben founded Frontier Marketing Company and six years later incorporated Benifactor to continue and expand on the lifelong journey of being a good son and a good dad.

Our Core Values

We are Servant Leaders

We have high expectations of ourselves and each other.

We lead with humility, and a willingness to get our hands dirty.

We are purposeful and think through how our decisions impact serving others

We are Individuals

We celebrate and utilize our eccentricities to further the mission.

We unlock our true potential and continually increase our own self-awareness.

We strive for excellence and readily give and receive feedback.

We are Curious

We are innovative, taking smart risks and creating opportunities.

We are collaborative, transparent, and candid with our communication.

We are autonomous and responsible.

We are Resourceful

We are efficient and effective with the use of our, and others time.

We make smart investments, treating resources as if they’re our own.

The Benifactor Spectrum of Companies

Frontier Marketing Co.     Founded Fall 2010

Frontier Marketing Co.

Founded Fall 2010

Glass Register     Founded Summer 2014

Glass Register

Founded Summer 2014

Charity Electric     Founded Summer 2015

Charity Electric

Founded Summer 2015

Good Marketers Group     Founded Summer 2017

Good Marketers Group

Founded Summer 2017


New for 2019

BKeeper, our very own book keeping business! Focusing first on our own entities, we’ll be seeking clients that like predictable monthly billing and modern day processes.


What’s next: Capstone Leadership.

Growing leaders in the charity sector is critical to the future health of the industry and individual charities.

We aim to be part of the solution.

Our Board of Directors

Don Manning

Don Manning

Josh Wilton

Josh Wilton

Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!


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